Instinct vs Conditioning


When I help you with your dog, I am not going to teach you how to do conditioned commands such as; sit, stay, leave it.  I am going to teach you how to use your energy and body language to easily and naturally accomplish the same things and MUCH more. What’s the difference? Instinctually and naturally dogs communicate using energy & body language. I have never worked with a dog who speaks English.  Realize that if we want a dog to do something and we try to teach him using English (spoken commands), we are just conditioning him to act a certain way when he hears a certain cue.  He doesn’t really learn but he gets conditioned. This is OK in some circumstances for some people. However, in “stressful” situations  a dog’s instinct can easily override conditioning (he sees a stranger, dog, cat etc).


When I work with you I show you how to get your dog to look to you in stressful situations (this is natural if he views you as the leader). Once we get your dog balanced, there won’t even be many “stressful” situations for your dog.

 I don’t teach dogs a command to heel on a leash. I teach you to be the person your dog is compelled to follow.

Be aware that any “dog trainer” who has to teach a dog to heel doesn’t have my skills. Period.

 You see, when a dog knows that he has a calm & assertive leader and when he is balanced, he can calm down and be more relaxed. He naturally looks to you for direction. He isn’t looking for treats or avoiding painful correction, he is just looking to you for guidance. This is why I don’t use harsh methods and I don’t use treats or clickers. I don’t use harsh corrections, no shock collars, no E-collars, no choke chains, no prong collars, no head halters, no cages. I use you, to work with your dog. I show you how. Most of what I teach is silent. No commands or hand signals. Just you and your dog.

Be aware that any “dog trainer” who has to use any of the above doesn’t have my skills. Period.

 Your dog already has his natural instincts, we don’t have to teach him. I do have to teach you a little bit about his instincts and then you can begin controlling your dog naturally. This is why we only need 1 session.  Humans have a higher intellectual capacity than dogs. In a short time, I can teach you exactly what you need to know. If we were trying to condition your dog, we would have to spend a lot of time. This is why most “ dog trainers” need to sell you a whole series of “lessons” which can go on for months and months and still never handle your dog’s issues.  Plus in that type of training the focus is trying to teach the dog, the lesser of the 2 intellects involved (I can almost guarantee that you are smarter than your dog). I’m going to teach you and your dog will respond to you.


Realize that when we use energy and body language, the dog understands FAST. He also gains respect for you because you are communicating to him in a way that he understands immediately. At the primal, instinctual level. We get the dog acting naturally and you leading the show. You get instinctual cooperation instead of coerced cooperation.

 Sounds good doesn’t it?


There is hope.


I am often the 3rd or 4th person called in to help.


If you need help with your dog, call me anytime. I do dogs 24/7.



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