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Dogs are my passion. 

I have worked one on one in client’s homes with over 3,500 dogs. That’s a lot. I currently live on Sarasota Bay, Bradenton, Florida with my wife, our daughter and our 2 dogs. We moved to Florida in March of 2008 after spending about 10 years in Las Vegas where I was known as the Vegas Dog Whisperer.  In Las Vegas I made appearances on the TV show “Pets In Vegas” giving training advice. I have been a regular guest expert on the ABC channel 7 My Suncoast TV show “Animal Outtakes.”  I have hosted a national radio show, “All Paws Pet Talk”, I have appeared on several radio programs and on the TV shows, “All About Pets” and “Healthbeat Of America” and I have been a guest on Tampa Bay’s Channel 10 News. The Bradenton Herald did a front page feature story about me on 9-15-09.  Here is the link to the online version of the front page story:


Most of what I teach is Silent. No commands, No hand signals. Just Intention, Energy & Body Language. This is how dogs communicate. It’s very easy to do once you are shown. My methods have evolved through my education, my experience with Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung, Chinese Energetic Healing, my research, my experience with thousands of dogs and my unusual instinct.  I approach each client’s issues from the viewpoint of the dog or dogs involved. This is why I can solve any problem.  I can think like a dog.

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Will Thomas
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