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Dog Whisperer
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Servicing clients throughout Florida

1 session in your home is all you will need!

Dogs are my passion.  I have worked with over 3,500 dogs, one on one in client’s homes. I can handle any dog, even aggressive dogs, usually in just a few minutes! I will teach you how to naturally train and balance your dog.  I will give you the intellectual tools to train your dog without the need for dozens of paid lessons and classes.  You will not need shock collars, or clickers, millions of treats, choke collars or head halters to train your dog. No harsh treatment. I work with dogs at their instinctual level.

This method can be very fast and it builds trust and respect without harsh treatment. I will work with you and your dog so that you can do it too. I will focus on what you want handled.  I will help you to easily get your dog balanced and restore harmony to your home.

You are going to be amazed when you find out how easily you can handle your issues. You will get fast results because what I teach you works.

Most situations are handled in only 1 session with FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT!

You will learn more about living with and raising dogs in 1 session than most “dog trainers” know!


Email or call anytime:
[email protected]


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I offer sessions 7 days a week. Call any time, any day!


Do you have more than 1 dog?
In most cases there is no extra charge for extra dogs.

Walking my pack Feb. 2012

In Times of Stress

In stressful times we get a lot of comfort from our dogs. We owe it to them to get them balanced & under control in order to enjoy the most of this inter-species relationship.


New Puppy?  The best time to start training is the first day! Call me for a free consultation and get started right.

My client’s typically get their new puppy house trained and not chewing the house in 2-4 days with NO cages and no harsh corrections. Imagine that! I show you how to get & keep your new puppy balanced & under control. I work with the puppy & all of your other dogs too. 1 session is all you will need!

Will was featured on the Front Page of The Bradenton
Herald 9-15-09. Here is a link to the online version of the story “Manatee’s Dog Whisperer”:


Call me if your dog has any issue including: aggression, digging, chewing, jumping, pulling on leash, won’t come when called, biting, won’t listen, escapes, hyperactive, excessive barking, destructive chewing, any anxiety, fear anxiety, seperation anxiety, thunderstorm anxiety, small animal aggression, large animal aggression, dog aggression, food aggression, territorial aggression, house training, timid, shy, fearful, doesn’t like men, doesn’t like women, doesn’t like children, steals food etc. You name it and I can help you FAST.

I am often the 3rd or even 4th person called in to help.
  Realize, if your issues have gone on for more than a couple of weeks, you need my help. 


Behavior issues are SYMPTOMS of an unbalanced dog.

When a dog is balanced and fulfilled, his issues subside.  It’s really that simple.

Fix the actual problem, not the symptoms. To do otherwise is a never ending, costly endeavor.

My methods are unique & easy to learn! I work with you and your dog at your dog’s instinctual level. He “gets it” right away. We will only need 1 session together!

This is not obedience training that goes on for months and does NOTHING to balance your dog. Why pay 50-100 per session for weeks and weeks and months and months and still have an unbalanced dog with “issues”. You get a “conditioned” dog, like a robot, NOT a balanced dog. Conditioned behavior is subordinate to instinctual behavior. FYI, once your dog is balanced, he will be able to zoom through any obedience training that you desire without fear of pain and without gadgets and without treats.

Any moron can make a dog do things with the threat of pain or the application of pain. Any moron can bribe a dog to do things using food. Any moron can mask bad behavior using food. Do you know that a lot of “positive” trainers actually recommend withholding food from your dog before training? They do this so your dog is starving when it’s time  to train. Then they offer bribes of food to get the dog to perform. Some board & train facilities actually starve the dog for three or four days before they start any training. This is not positive training. This is starving the dog. Abuse.

Realize that I use NO clickers, NO shock collars, NO treats, NO harsh treatment, NO yelling, NO choke collars, NO prong collars, NO head collars; No gadgets. Why? These are not NATURAL to a dog. And they’re not necessary.  Most of what we will do is silent. We don’t even need hand signals.

If your dog trainer has you doing any of the above, or using any of the above tools, ask him why this is necessary. Just so you know, it is not necessary. Also ask to meet your trainer’s dogs. If your dog trainer is using anything more than a leash and collar ask him why. The correct answer is that he does not have the skill set that it takes to train a dog without pain or fear of pain or food. If your dog trainer has to raise his voice, use a clicker, a head halter, a choke chain, an electric collar, or ANY gadget or treat, think; if he’s a professional why does he need any of these things for his own dog? You can bet if he needs gadgets to control his own dog he will have to use them for your dog too. Remember, these gadgets are actually pain inducing devices. Even the gentle leader induces pain in the dog’s neck should he decide to turn his head. Pain, or the threat of pain is not how I train dogs.

I have worked with over 3,000 dogs. All one on one, not in classes. I specialize in the toughest, unsolved cases.

Every dog is different and every situation is different.  I will tailor our time together to help you and your particular situation.

Most often (99.99% of the time), we will only need one session together.  You will be able to have the dog that you always wanted. You will have some homework to work on after our session. But you will not need to induce any pain, you will not need to bribe your dog with treats and you will get great results in very short order.

My goal is for you to have a balanced dog and harmonious home, FAST.

New puppy?  NOW is the best time to call me in. Don’t waste any time. Get on the right track immediately. I mean the first day you get the dog. Even at eight weeks old. You do not have to wait until the dog is six months old. You do not have to wait until the dog has had every shot they can get. The first moment the dog is in your house, it is your responsibility to help get and keep them balanced and fulfilled.

You do not need a cage to potty train a dog.
I don’t even own a cage. With my methods, you should be able to get your dog potty trained in a matter of days. The same with chewing, you should have chewing under control in days, not months. Again, without a cage, without yelling, without using food treats, without using any pain devices.

Call for a free consultation.

Will Thomas

My pack’s view: “Whoever’s butt they see the most is the leader”. That’s an instinct. Follow it.

I don’t teach your dogs to follow you. I teach you to BE someone who your dog is compelled to follow.

*Land line no text

I offer sessions 7 days a week. Call any time, any day!

Serving all Florida counties, I travel the entire State:

Alachua, Charlotte, Citrus, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake, Lee, Levy, Manatee, Marion, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia

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