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New Puppy? The best time to start training is the first day! Call me for a free consultation and get started right.

My client’s typically get their new puppy house trained and not chewing the house in 2-4 days with NO cages and no harsh corrections. Imagine that! I show you how to get & keep your new puppy balanced & under control naturally. I work with the puppy & all of your other dogs too. 1 session is all you will need!

With my techniques there is no need for weeks of puppy “classes”. You won’t need treats, clickers or gadgets to “train” your puppy. Some other out-dated methods involve squirt bottles and cans of coins. Not good and not needed. Most “trainers” use cages. I do not use cages. I go for a higher level of trust & respect between you & your new puppy from day one.

Most “trainers” use treats to bribe or reward the puppy. I do not. I give a lot of treats, just not for training or behavior. I could go on for hours about this but it is important to know that when you train with treats, you are teaching the dog to go to an excited state of mind. Not necessary. Most puppies know how to get excited without our help. Treat training breaks the trust you are trying to develop with your new puppy. Sometimes he gets his treat and sometimes he doesn’t. In his world, you are messing with his favorite food. He’s only been on Earth a few days, why would you do that?

What I teach is like an apprenticeship. I show you how to show your puppy how to live the way you live, in a way that he can understand. In nature one of the ways dogs learn is by mimicry. That means they copy you. I show you how to take over where his dog mom left off. Before you got him, his natural mom did not use cages, treats or harsh corrections. He respected, trusted & loved her. Most people want that from their puppy. My method brings this about very quickly & naturally.

Imagine how confusing it can be for a puppy when you are bribing him, startling him, messing with his food, trying to teach him a language and caging him (to a dog, a cage is not a den but rather a trap, a den is something that they can freely leave). Wow.

I want your new puppy to see how calm & confident you are from day one. I want him to love, trust & respect you. My techniques help you to bring this about naturally & easily.

If you already have your puppy & need help call me. I can help you. If you are planning the arrival of your puppy, call me and I can schedule you. It’s great if I can see you the next day.


Email or call anytime:

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Will Thomas
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