Dog Whispering vs. Dog Training

 What is Dog Whispering?

“Dog Whispering” is a way of working with dogs using energy and body language among other things to naturally connect with dogs on an instinctual level (there is no actual whispering).  The term “Dog Whisperer” is relatively new but the philosophy and methods have been used for a long time by some of the most experienced master trainers. Working with dogs this way is very natural to the dog and thus gets very good results. It is not dog training.

I show you how to easily get Instinctual cooperation. That’s why you won’t need treats, commands or harsh corrections.

As you know, dogs are dogs and they are very good at being dogs.  This means that when one fully understands this and can easily and automatically read all of the dog’s signals, and can naturally send the dog signals that he can read, you have the beginning of a very good relationship. It also has to do with balance. I believe that dogs do best when they are balanced. With dogs, balance is equal parts exercise, rules & limitations and affection.  I teach dog owners how to easily and naturally restore balance to the dog and to the whole environment where the dog lives.

Another key element is the dog’s position in the pack (you, your family and other pets). I believe that all dogs need to know their position.  I think that most dogs are more than happy not to be the leader.  I also believe that if the humans are not behaving in a way that puts them in the lead, then the dog will instinctually try to assume the lead position.  This creates an unbalanced situation and/or an unbalanced dog.  Most behavior issues can be resolved by restoring the balance.  Once the dog knows that you are the leader he can calm down and enjoy his position. Realize that, in the presence of Calm, Confident leadership, dogs take it down a notch; whether it’s aggression, hyperactivity, fears or phobias, stubbornness, protectiveness etc. It all starts to dissipate.

I use no harsh methods. No shock collars, no prong collars, no choke chains, no yelling, no hitting, no head halters, no “gentle” leaders. No special tools as it’s not about the tools but it’s about the energy, confidence and presence of the human (you).

This is not typical “dog training”.

Most of what I teach is SILENT. No commands, No hand signals.

I also do not use treats. I do not mask your dog’s unwanted behavior nor do I bribe your dog to behave differently.

These are some of the things that separate me from “trainers” and others that call themselves dog whisperers.

Using this philosophy we are going with nature instead of against it.  I take into account behaviors that are natural to dogs.  I understand the dogs and I communicate to them in a way that they understand.

Just as we study dogs, dogs study us.  They can read our body language, our eyes, our facial expressions, our tone, our scent and our energy.  A “Dog Whisperer” has to have a lot of affection for dogs, no fear of dogs and he must exude stable, calm confidence.  He must have a calm but assertive energy.  The dogs will see him as a leader and they will tend to follow him.  This is why it often seems magical the way dogs behave with me but it is really an expected result from the way that I communicate to them.

I look forward to helping you with your dog.

Will Thomas
Dog Whisperer


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I don’t teach your dogs to follow you. I teach you to BE someone who your dog is compelled to follow.


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