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In nature, dogs don’t get stress or anxiety. When dogs get stress or anxiety in our world, it comes out in just a few ways: Barking, biting, jumping, chewing, escaping, fighting, obsessive behavior, peeing on things and non-compliance.

Get rid of their stress & anxiety & most of the “issues” go away.

Doing the following things will help relieve stress & anxiety.

  1. Get rid of the cages. To a dog a cage is a trap. Not a den. I don’t use cages for dogs. Caged dogs act differently than dogs that are never caged.
  2. More food. If your dog is hungry, give him more food. There is no reason for him to be hungry. Hunger creates stress & anxiety.
  3. Get rid of all the corrective gadgets. No shock collars, no prong collars, no choke chains, no yelling, no hitting, no head halters, no “gentle” leaders, no spray bottles or cans of pennies. No special tools. You don’t need pain or fear of pain to train.
  4. Long walks. Make sure he gets at least one long walk every day. Ideally 2 long walks. Walking is the most instinctual behavior for your dog. Walk, walk, walk.

Imagine what your dog is about to experience:  He’ll never be trapped again!  He’ll never be hungry again! You will never hurt him again! He will get to see the world and be himself. WOW!!! Trust & respect comes up and life gets better for him & you.

Two weeks of this and you will be dealing with a different dog. If you still need help I can see you within a few days of your call for help.

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