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Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions


With the popularity of my radio show, I have dog owners from all over the world contacting me for help.  Of course the ideal thing would be to hire me to work with you and your dog in your home. If you live out of state this is often financially prohibitive. Not to worry.  All dogs can be trained. Most of my time during an in-home session is spent working with the humans involved. When I can get the humans to behave differently (correctly) around their dogs, their dogs will behave differently.



Free Phone Consultation:


This is your first call with me where you can describe the issues that you are experiencing with your dog or dogs. I will ask you a few questions that will enable me to get an idea of what is going on.  From this I will be able to guide you to the best service that will help you the most.



30-minute Phone Session:


This is ideal for potty training issues, new puppy in the home, advice on how to choose your next dog, fine-tuning a dog who is “great except___________”.  Clients who have had a 1-hour phone session will sometimes need a 30-minute follow-up after working with their dog for a few weeks.



1-Hour Phone Session:


This is for the person who really needs help but lives out of state.  The issues are causing disharmony in the home, the dog is suffering, the humans are suffering etc. I can get you on the right path to effectively changing your dog’s behavior.  Obviously you will have to do the homework after our session but now you will be doing the right things to make a positive difference with your dog or dogs.


Call now to get your free consultation.


Will Thomas

Dog Whisperer

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