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Frequently Asked Questions





I need your help, what’s my first step?

Email me a short summary of what you need help with or call me any time. When we talk, I’ll explain how I can help you. I'll also give you some advice that will help you whether you enlist my help or not. Then if you decide to get my help, I will get you scheduled.



  • How can you help me with only 1 session? 


I show you how to get & keep your dogs balanced. It’s easy & fun for you & your dogs. Balanced dogs act differently than unbalanced dogs. You will have homework to do when I leave. I usually prescribe the homework for about 2 weeks during which time you’ll be doing some different or extra things with your dogs.


  • I have 3 dogs. Is your fee more?


My fee is the same up to about 8 dogs in your home.



  • How long is the session?


Plan about 3 hours. If I need more time, no worries, I’m not on the clock. I have a certain few things that I have to teach you & I’ll be there until you know everything you need to know to change things & restore harmony to your home.



  • Do you have to see the unwanted behaviors to fix them?


No. If I do that's fine too. I help you create balance that along with increased trust & respect will lead to instinctual cooperation. Your dogs will begin to defer to you for your decision rather than doing the things you don’t want.  Some clients have a long list of unwanted behaviors. Once the dogs are balanced, most of the unwanted behaviors dissipate. It's quite amazing.



  • Do you come to me?


Yes, I travel the entire state of Florida helping dogs.



  • How much is the session?


I’m a specialist. I’m not cheap. I travel the entire state helping dogs. Please call or email me with where you live & I’ll tell you my fee.



  • Do you work every day?


Yes, even weekends & holidays.



  • Do you use E-collars, shock collars, choke collars, prong collars or any oher corrective gadgets or devices?


No. You don’t need pain or fear of pain to train. I don’t even use commands or hand signals and no treats for training or behavior. Just You & your dog. It’s very primal & instinctual.



  • Do you accept credit cards?


Yes. Credit, debit or cash. No checks.

  • Do you offer financing?
Yes. PayPal may be able to finance the session for you. Click the link below.

Will Thomas

Dog Whisperer
941-377-0243    *Land line, no text

I don’t teach your dogs to follow you. I teach you to BE someone who your dog is compelled to follow.

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